Account Manager with CRM experience (Manchester)

We’re looking for client facing people to join our team who share this passion for CRM & have the experience & expertise to match.
  • We’re proud of our reputation for creativity and award winning campaigns across multiple channels.
  • We’re proud of our portfolio of clients – lots of high profile brands who have the appetite to push for more.
  • But what some may not know, is that we’ve always had a special place in our heart for E-CRM

The opportunity to create 121 conversations with customers; the ability to share engaging content; the injection of smart tech to improve relevance; and the instant tracking that proves sales effectiveness.

  • It’s an area where you can bring together all sides of your brain: creativity, innovation, agility & analytics; and a way to storytell & sell across all parts of a customer’s digital experience.

Send your CV & a short descriptor of why you think you’d be an ideal fit.

Account Manager with CRM experience (Manchester)
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