Middleweight Creative Team (Manchester / London)

Middleweight Creative Team (Manchester / London)
We’re looking for a Creative Team who’ll eat, sleep and breathe our ‘Stand for Something’ philosophy.

A team that will stand for creating great work. Stand for ambition. Stand for teamwork. Stand for getting stuck in. Stand for always going further. Stand for a start-up approach. Stand for integration. Stand for creating a stir. Stand for having a voice. Stand for being different.

As one of our middleweight creative teams you’ll work on everything from cars to booze, food and music. You’ll be responsible for the London-based accounts, but we’re one team across two locations, so there will be a lot of mixing. Opportunities are everywhere here at BJL. Even better, you’ll also get to work alongside people from both offices, with a real cross-office mentality.

Our approach is media-neutral and fully-integrated, so we’re looking for thinkers who really can work across multi-channels.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a big difference in an agency that wants people to go beyond the expected.

To take a stand and create an impact.

Middleweight Creative Team (Manchester / London)
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