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The sound of success.

The sound of success.

Annette Hunsley is a Senior Account Director and an integral part of our brand team, Annette has worked with numerous clients including Asda, Littlewoods, and Thomas Cook. Here she talks us through our latest sound in email innovation.

How a brand sounds is often just as important as how a brand looks. When we talk about great marketing, we tend to think of all the stunning visuals that tell a brand story, perhaps neglecting the other senses that contribute to the experience.
Sound is certainly one of those senses that shouldn’t be discounted. Think of some of your favourite brands, and in many cases there’ll be particular pieces of music, jingles or even voices that are integral to the marketing. An immersive, sensory experience should be the holy grail for any brand seeking to have deep connections with its customers.

That’s why we’re so excited to have introduced sound into Asda’s email marketing programme for the very first time. For its email message to customers to mark the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 12th May, Asda worked with us to deploy audio through the use of bespoke code.

Recipients could click to activate the audio, which featured fiesta-themed music with people cheering over the top – a tie-in with the ‘Throw your own fiesta’ theme of the email. The use of sound was designed to surprise customers and deepen their engagement with the email content.

The campaign is the latest in a long line of innovations in our work with Asda, which earlier this year included an interactive ‘Tap to flip’ game in an email for Pancake Day. For Halloween last year, Asda and BJL also pioneered the use of time-dependent email content, whereby the content served in a single email changed to become increasingly ‘spooky’ as the night drew in.
Asda’s Head of CRM Guy Smith said: “We are always looking to harness technology as a way of boosting engagement with our customers, so introducing sound into our email is another exciting development. We helped to make Asda part of the conversation around the Eurovision Song Content with our innovative, sensory approach.”

BJL Head of Digital John Paul Toher said: “Launching sound in email marks another significant achievement in our work with Asda, and another example of how we are always looking to innovate. Having already introduced a range of different technology into Asda’s emails to great success, we look forward to seeing how the use of sound can boost the overall impact of its communications.”

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