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Art For Our Sake.

Art For Our Sake.

It’s been a while since we launched our Art For Our Sake project – offering new and established artists a space to showcase and hopefully sell their great work – and we’re celebrating this with the arrival of another emerging talent.

Christian Taylor’s work combines a love of pop art heroes like Warhol and Lichtenstein with a bold, vibrant style that offers a fresh take on the constantly changing Manchester landscape. Just like us, he’s proud of and inspired by his city roots – and it shows.

Based in the Northern Quarter, Christian describes himself as someone who is, ‘constantly immersed in the beauty, chaos and contrasts of a post-industrial, ever transforming city-scape’ and whose paintings foreground ‘the fluidity and complexity of interchangeable colours against discreet patterns’.

He uses light, shade and colour, applied to glass and set into box frames, to create something uniquely modern.

Take a look at Christian’s work for yourself here:

Previous artists have included our own Woody Woods and Little Things.

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