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ASDA Scratch n Sniff.

ASDA Scratch n Sniff.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could smell before you buy?

We think so. So we invented revolutionary new #screensmell technology. Then created ‘Scratch and Sniff’ emails for ASDA, to showcase Air Wick’s new Life Scents range.

Simply scratch your screen and your phone releases the beautiful aroma. The only problem was, that’s impossible, but April Fool!

Three elements were created. The first email asked you to scratch your screen to release the smell of ‘Mum’s Baking’ – just one of Air Wick’s new scents in their range. This clicked through to a landing page, where instead of picking up the aroma of baked pear, pie-crust and vanilla beans, we revealed a ‘Happy April Fools’ message. This was followed up by an email where you could shop the full Air Wick Life Scents range.

Over 125,000 people opened the first email, 28,000 clicked through to the ASDA Groceries from the Landing Page and the follow up email had a 63% open rate.

That should raise even more smiles at ASDA.

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