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The BJL Briefing Bus.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent, and we thought it was time to give our vintage VW, Vincent, a run around town. With a brief in the glove compartment, three of our creatives climbed aboard and took the agency camper van to the University of Central Lancashire.

Met by over 50 students (curiosity no doubt sparked by bright yellow posters around campus), there was excitement in the air and we were keen to get going. Our challenge to the students? To team up and tackle our brief.

Oh, and to be ready to present their ideas in just 24 hours.

Why the rush? Well, we wanted to give a real insight into the fast-paced, high-energy day-to-day life of an ad man (or woman). There were some pretty big incentives too. Aside from book crits, mentoring, and a pretty exciting day, there was a few creative placements up for grabs – for the teams that really blew our socks off.

The day was such a success (and such a blast) that we’re looking to make a habit of it. That’s right. Vincent goes global. Well… maybe not global, but we’re definitely looking to take him further afield to visit more Universities.

So if you think your campus could do with a brief-mobile, give us a honk.

Want us to visit your Uni? Feel free to get in touch.

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