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Breaking the Mould…

Breaking the Mould…

They say there are no new ideas in advertising… and it can sometimes feel like everything has been done already.
But our #RonsealAdBreak really did manage to break the mould, creating a genuine sensation when it aired on Channel 4.

Just like the Ronseal product range, the tongue-in-cheek ad did exactly what it says on the tin, showing a man painting his fence, in almost silence, for the entire three minute, 12 second slot.

Hailed as the UK’s first ‘slow TV ad’ the reaction from viewers was instant as they took to social media to share their shock, awe and some good-natured banter.

Within an hour of being aired, #RonsealAdBreak was trending in the number one spot on Twitter in the UK and was being talked about and dissected in national news and trade media.

We couldn’t be prouder.

See what all the fuss was about.

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