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Celebrating 100 years with Beaverbrooks.

We’re marking jeweller Beaverbrooks’ centenary year with an animated campaign that breaks category conventions.

Businesses that reach their centenary year in 2019 will have lived through the Second World War, global economic crashes and technological revolutions that have transformed the world forever. Amid all that change and disruption, these businesses have succeeded in building their brand story over a 100-year period, while continuing to nurture and grow their relationships with customers.

In other words, a brand centenary is a milestone very much worth celebrating, which is why we’re delighted to unveil our new campaign for jeweller and watch retailer Beaverbrooks’ 100-year anniversary.

Launching in cinemas and VOD (video on demand), the 30-second advert features a number of animated scenarios that portray a moment of love. There is an element of intrigue before it is revealed that these scenarios are taking place inside a ring box, acting almost as a stage.

The campaign, developed in partnership with animation specialists Flipbook Studio, depicts the ‘love in every gift’ that Beaverbrooks sells – not only because every piece of jewellery represents a heart-felt statement, but because Beaverbrooks puts its own love and attention into every item, built on 100 years of carefully crafted expertise.

“Beaverbrooks is extremely proud to have been a part of countless special moments in people’s lives over the last 100 years. Our campaign for marking this significant milestone in our history is a celebration of what it’s all about – love. For our customers, it’s showing a loved one just how much they care. For Beaverbrooks, it’s the care that goes into selecting every diamond, watch and piece of jewellery for our collection, and truly understanding our customer and the gesture they’re wanting to make, to ensure we find them the perfect piece for them.”

Roger Fairhurst, Head of Multichannel & Marketing, Beaverbrooks

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