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Finally, a cure for the hangry.

Finally, a cure for the hangry.

Hangriness the truth about food and mood.

We’ve all been struck by it. That hunger-fuelled moodiness that hijacks our normally sunny nature. If only there were something, or someone, that could tell us exactly what food we’re in the mood for… and what we should eat to banish hangriness. Enter Asda’s ‘Mood Food’.

This April Fool’s Day, Asda created a (perhaps not so) fantasy world in which the camera on our phone ‘uses highly sophisticated datasets to detect the subtleties of your facial mannerisms’ and ‘suggests food options, scientifically proven to drastically improve the mood you’re in.’ So, had our April shoppers found a saviour in Asda? Was this
revolutionary technology the cure we’ve all been hungry for? Asda is known to pioneer new innovations and customer-focussed technology. So, to make the prank more believable we came up with our wacky face-scanning, mood-reading, food-suggesting technology. After all, what’s not to like about watching people scan their faces while they weigh up the pro’s and con’s of a prawn sandwich! OK. Mood Food technology was an only April Fool’s Day prank (this year). But the idea was born out of research that suggests consumers are beginning to link the effect of diet on mood. Brands are getting smart to this and there’s an expectation on them to deliver products that don’t just taste good, but make us feel-good too. For food and drink brands, this means updating their products and services to look beyond food as simply ‘physical fuel’. Mood Food really captured people’s imaginations. We wanted them to fall for it – and fall they did!

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