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Nurturing new talent.

Nurturing new talent.

The ability to communicate is not just an important skill – it’s at the core of everything we do and stand for. To do it well, we need a broad mix of talented people who arrive at our door from all sorts of different paths.

We’ve been bringing apprentices into BJL for years, and we take huge satisfaction in helping talented youngsters develop into important members of our team.

After completing successful apprenticeships, we’ve recently welcomed two new additions to our staff – and they’ve both quickly made a huge impact on how we work.

IT Support Administrator Jack Fowles made himself essential immediately by being able to fix almost any tech problem, leaving swathes of grateful BJL staff in his wake!

Jack told us about his journey: “I knew I’d made the right choice straight away, and everyone was very welcoming. It’s so fast-paced here – I feel like I learned more in my first week than I did in two years at college!

What was really satisfying was that I was given genuinely challenging work – such as working on the BJL “Twable”, the coffee table in our reception area. I helped build the innovative in-house technology inside it, which makes it flash a light every time one of our clients is mentioned on Twitter.

I was incredibly pleased to be offered a job – I’m now looking forward to taking on more responsibilities, and to help with more interesting tech projects!”

Kate Nelthorpe, Business Support Manager, has benefited enormously from Jack’s positivity and enthusiasm: “Jack jumped on board and got straight into it. He’s well liked and he’s able to think on his feet – he’s worth his weight in gold!”

Sean White arrived at the same time as Jack, and was soon trusted to be BJL’s Traffic Co-ordinator – a job which, like Jack’s, is at the centre of all we do.

Helping organise BJL’s giant “To-Do” list is complicated, especially when part of the challenge is to communicate confidently with senior staff, but Sean has done it with aplomb.

He too felt at home right away at BJL: “My college course didn’t quite feel right for me, so I went on a four-week employment bootcamp course, and had an interview with BJL. I knew straight away I wanted to work here!

“The transition between college and work was pretty tough: like going from being spoon-fed to actually cooking your own meals. But everyone was so friendly – even very senior staff would take the time to go through what they were doing so I could learn from them.

When I was offered the job I was over the moon – twelve months of getting stuck in had paid off. My ambition now is to hone my skills, and maybe even try out new roles as Producer or Account Manager.”

Operations Director Dave Robinson, who works closely with Sean, was full of praise too: “Sean instantly impressed us with his hunger and commitment, and made an immediate impact – he’s a real asset to the creative services team and has proved himself to all his peers.”

We can’t imagine life without Jack and Sean now, and feel thrilled that we’ve been able to help two enthusiastic young people get started in a career they find rewarding.

I knew straight away I wanted to work here!

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