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‘I save’ with Skipton Building Society.

‘I save’ with Skipton Building Society.

When was the last time you stopped to properly look at a shop window? Maybe it was upon passing a clothes store, as an outfit caught your eye. Or perhaps it was a furniture shop, as you tried to weigh up whether the sofa in the window would look good in your living room.

Rarely do people stop to peer into the windows of banks or building societies, however, despite the fact we use financial services every day. We might depend on our savings accounts, mortgages and credit cards, but they don’t necessarily capture the imagination as we pass down the high street.

Our new ‘I save’ campaign with Skipton Building Society is one way of reminding consumers just how important these products are, while simultaneously revitalising the branch window as a vital marketing space.

Using the line ‘I save’, the campaign draws on real customer insights to shine a spotlight on the things that matter to people and their reasons for saving with Skipton. Using in-branch posters, as well as print and digital ad placements, these stories are told using a series of striking typography and illustrations provided by Manchester-based illustrator Tash Wilcox.

As a result, the campaign brings together the emotional punch of the customers’ stories (“I save to give my kids the opportunities I never had”, is one example) with a powerful degree of visual standout. Radio ads support the campaign messaging further.

It all works together to help Skipton – a 165-year-old brand with a strong reputation for the quality of its savings products – to convey a clear and confident tone of voice to customers. This is something we’ve been working hard with Skipton to do since we partnered with the brand two years ago, and will continue to do with more exciting work in the coming year

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