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Talent Spotlight: Faye and Emily.

Back in May, our junior team Faye and Emily were shortlisted for the Cannes Young Lions Health Award – a hypothetical brief set by UNICEF and open to candidates from all over the world.

Why did you decide to enter?

Everyone in the industry knows about Cannes and the Young Lions is extremely popular. But beyond that, it was a way to push ourselves on something we’d never tackled before.

What was the brief?

Around the world a child dies from pneumonia every 35 seconds. UNICEF had partnered with Spanish bank la Caixa to create equipment that would help early diagnosis and therefore save countless lives. We were asked to raise awareness of the disease and the work UNICEF do with a campaign launch on World Pneumonia Day.

Where did you start?

We initially started talking around the fact that global issues can often feel overwhelming, and that nothing can be done. But in this case, pneumonia had a cure and UNICEF had a ready-made solution with their diagnostic equipment. The problem therefore was a matter of accessibility.

Medical care is something we so often take for granted, so we felt our campaign would have greater impact if it featured when accessibility and convenience is at its freshest – so when you’ve just ordered something online, or picked up a prescription.

How did you find the process?

It was tough fitting in the work around your normal working week but it was a really interesting challenge to take on and tested our perseverance. We didn’t want to stop at the first idea, but carry on thinking until we produced something we were happy with. Shame not to have won, but making the global shortlist was a great achievement.

See more of Faye and Emily’s work here:

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