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Talent Spotlight: Mr Woody Woods.

How did you get into illustration?

Well, my mother was an art teacher so she was the one who got me into doodling – I remember going to life drawing lessons at the tender age of 12, it was quite a daunting experience, but I totally fell in love with it.

I picked up the pencil again and started doodling properly about 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing – you also never know what you will come up with – there are no rules. It’s fun trying to think of a concept or illustration that no one has ever thought of before.

What was one of you most enjoyable projects?

I came up with a blog idea a few years ago, where I created over 500 illustrations for the classic pub game ‘Would you Rather?’, I uploaded a new one each day for a year and a half. It gained a loyal group of followers and went viral. I now sell greetings cards and little books based on this.

How would you describe your style?

My style is colourful, quirky and fun. I try to create illustrations that appeal to children (and big children alike). Pick Your Nose was one of the most recent projects I worked on. It’s a hands on activity where children can make a their own weird face masks by picking paper craft facial features that I illustrated.

I’m now selling my wares at various print fairs and markets across the North.

I discovered screen printing a couple of years ago, there is nothing better than seeing your work come to life on paper.

How does illustration cross over with being an Art Director?

Art direction and illustration kind of go hand in hand. Yes, we doodle and scamp every day but it’s more about being conceptual, and solving problems.

It’s also just another string to your bow. Some Art Directors are skilled in type, some are skilled in photography and filmmaking. I’ve been lucky enough to use some of my doodles in some advertising campaigns – whether it’s bringing a TV ad to life or getting my doodles blown up on to a 48 sheet ad.

What are you currently working on?

I’m actually working on one of my biggest pieces yet, to go in the Fred Aldous window in their Manchester and Leeds stores, which is really exciting. It’s going to be a huge paper craft piece for Valentine’s Day. It will all be laser cut and hopefully get people to stop, stare and interact with it.

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