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The BJL Brain.

The BJL Brain.

BJL’s success is built on togetherness and sharing, and we’re enormously proud of how our integrated approach allows us to produce highly coordinated campaigns. As a team, we’re constantly manipulating a huge amount of work: planning data, fresh imagery, sparkling copy, and neatly optimised code flow between us all day.

We’re equally proud that our staff love sharing fresh ideas with the rest of the team – and we’ve found that key insights often come from learning about developments which may not appear to affect us directly.

We realised that while we were helping each other work, learn and sharing well, there was room for improvement and that a fresh approach was needed. Like most modern problems involving communication and data-sorting, technology had the answer – and we already had the talented technologists to come up with a solution.

That’s why we’ve launched this innovative piece of technology which we’re sure is going to transform not only the way we work, but how we think as an agency.

The BJL Brain is a bespoke internal social network split into two balanced halves: Magic and Logic. In the Brain, everything we need – inspiration and organisation – is just a couple of clicks away.

Using it allows us to store and share vital documents, guidelines, updates and data, as well as share innovative work or the latest news from our respective fields – as well as robust discussion of it.

Creating this unique environment for discussion and execution was no mean feat, requiring the input of BJL’s best designers, thinkers and coders.

The task of writing the code fell to our hirsute Front-End Developer Danny Wilson. He explained why the need for the Brain came about, and how he solved some unexpectedly tricky challenges:

“The idea for the BJL Brain came from a simple daily frustration: if we needed a document template or form, it required a long search of our server, and it could sometimes pull up similar – but slightly different – results.

We also realised that, as an agency, we share a huge amount of useful links via email which are then lost in your inbox. There was no simple way to share and categorise these links and build a store of our shared knowledge.

It turned out that bringing these two solutions together was pretty complicated. After trying to adapt some off-the-peg software, I went back to the team and suggested a totally bespoke framework.

We love solving problems in the tech team, and a problem usually boils down to using the wrong technology for the task. The key is picking the right tech stack for your project, and as I’m very familiar with the Django and love using Python, we went with that. The project then moved very fast – I’m really pleased with the results!

Most of all, I’m proud of shipping the Brain so that everyone at BJL can use it – especially as it pulls together so many ideas and has been through so many iterations.

I’m a front-end developer, but working on the Brain has made me fall in love with back-end development. BJL has some highly talented developers and I’m looking forward to creating more exciting web apps for our clients – the possibilities are endless!”

We’re all really excited about the possibilities that the BJL Brain will bring to the agency, and can’t wait to see what unique and creative work is sparked by what we share there!

The BJL Brain means inspiration and organisation is just a couple of clicks away.