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The Ideas Foundation.

The Ideas Foundation.

Paul, our London MD, was kindly invited to 11 Downing Street (above, with Danielle Desroches) to attend an event hosted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer which celebrated the creative education charity, Ideas Foundation.

He stepped into the corridors of power to support Ideas Foundation, an organisation close to his heart. We’ve supported the charity for ten years – most recently hosting a Summer School at our Manchester office, for twenty or so local high-school students, all aged 15 to 17. Ideas Foundation was founded by The Engine Group’s president, Robin Wight, to nurture young creative talent from inner-city schools, and our summer event was an example of their core ethos working to brilliant effect.

We gave the students some quite complex briefs, then helped them shape their ideas – and at the end of the week they presented their campaigns. They were all really inventive, fun concepts, and we were glad to have the chance to see some emerging young talent.

Talking of the evening, Paul said: “Visiting Number 11 was another example of the Foundation’s excellent work. Compered by Ethan Bennett and Naomi Desalegene, both alumni and youth board members of Ideas Foundation, the evening was a fitting and high-profile celebration. The positive effect the foundation is having in shaping the lives of young students who traditionally may not have had a route into the creative industry is inspiring”.

Later in the evening, George Osborne went on say: “Britain is home to an incredibly successful and vibrant creative sector, worth almost £77bn to our economy.

Accounting for 1.8 million jobs in the UK, the British creative industries lead the world and I would encourage anyone considering a career in this area to get involved with the great work and opportunities created by fantastic organisations like Ideas Foundation.”

Statistics reveal that the UK’s creative industries are now worth £84.1 billion per year to the UK economy, growing by 8.9% in 2014. Many new job opportunities are cropping up as a consequence – and our recent involvement with Ideas Foundation helped show us where the talent will come from.

We will continue to support Ideas Foundation in their important work – and look forward to watching more and more smart youngsters carve out the future of our industry.

We’re committed to help find and nurture the fresh blood our industry needs.

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