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Virgin Trains’ scrape with the Mail mustn’t be ignored.

Virgin Trains’ scrape with the Mail mustn’t be ignored.

At BJL, we believe in the power of standing for something. Because, when everyone know what you stand for, what you stand against and what your goal is, great things happen. But that isn’t only true for brands; Stand for Something is as important to us as individuals as it is to us as a business. It sits at the heart of the agency and is lived by us all.

That’s why our blog isn’t just a space for the voice of the agency. It’s also a platform for the people of BJL to use to take a stand for what they believe in and against what they don’t. So, amongst the news and the work and the industry insight, we’re proud to be sharing our views as individuals. Here’s some from our Marketing Manager, Sushil…

“Virgin Trains’ scrape with the Daily Mail was a confusing, worrying and disappointing mess. But it shouldn’t be ignored.”

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