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Virtually there.

Virtually there.

The world’s biggest annual mobile technology showcase, the Mobile World Congress, took place in Barcelona – and the headlines have been focused on virtual reality (VR).

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who appeared on stage singing the praises of the technology while the assembled crowd were taking part in a mass VR experience, believes VR technology will bring people together. Virtual interactions between users in completely different time zones will become normal, and the far away will become close.

While the high-concepts and big ideas of VR seem to be our very real future, in the BJL PR team, we’re already starting to see brilliant results from VR tech today. Recently, in Manchester’s Trafford Centre, we helped to (virtually) whisk shoppers away from the Mancunian drizzle into the sunnier climes of continental Europe.

Eurocamp was keen to highlight their European destinations and how the experience of being in one of their parcs was a uniquely beautiful and fun family experience. An eye-catching stand and a simple VR headset was the ideal way of making passers-by feel like they were really there!

By slipping on a lightweight Google Cardboard headset, they could take a 360° tour of some of Eurocamp’s parcs – taking in the sights and sounds of a summer holiday in the middle of winter. I experienced the VR headset for myself – and for a moment it felt uncannily like I was there.

While traditional advertising works well, it was brilliant to be able to show people how Europcamp’s parcs look and feel. The public’s reaction was better than even we hoped for.

Shoppers told us how they loved the feeling of being in the sun next to a swimming pool, and by the time they’d finished the tour, many were asking how they could book a holiday.

We love playing with 360° video in the office but for us, being able to take the technology out to the public and seeing their overwhelmingly positive responses is the best sign that this technology is here to stay and part of our lives.

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