An eclectic mix, all pulling together.

Our skills

We believe many voices talking as one is incredibly powerful.

Your social media amplifies your PR which builds on your advertising, which heightens the relevance of your CRM and provides a base for your content creation, and so on. So we work in a way today’s consumers live. Connected.

BJL is a mix of strategists, planners, creatives, digital specialists and brand teams. Our role is most often as lead agency, developing and delivering integrated campaigns.

The agency is very much part of the broader community, and as a result, where we don’t offer
 a specialism in house, we enjoy working collaboratively with trusted partners.

We do this with a team of 85 split across 2 offices: Manchester (Spinningfields) and London (Shoreditch).

We’re also part of Tribe Global: a network of owner run and managed agencies spanning markets across 22 different countries. Here’s a little more about our offering:

Our skills


Our roots are in advertising. But advertising’s very different today from when the agency was created in 1987. So we’ve stayed relevant by evolving our offer and integrating specialist skills from a diverse team of thinkers.


An in-depth understanding of customers is key to delivering impact for your brand.

From making the most of your customer database, to creating compelling brand experiences, we lead CRM strategy and deliver plans using a range of platforms and technologies.

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Our skills

Brand strategy.

Brand strategy sits at the heart of the agency. At our best, we work with challenger brands or brands that have been through/are going through a transition.

Commercial planning.

Numbers matter. Turning the dial to improve your marketing ROI is what we do.

Being fully immersed in your key commercials, challenges and business drivers, means we can help finesse your marketing plans, and identify opportunities to enhance business performance.

Our skills


All your work is likely to touch digital channels. So we don’t separate digital as a specific discipline – rather it’s part of every campaign. We help our clients make sense of the technological landscape, identifying relevant platforms and touchpoints to create more relevant and timely interactions with their customers.

This could encompass anything from the design and build of websites and online experiences through to digital display advertising programmes, a ChatBot to a VR experience.

Our skills

PR, Social & Content.

PR and social teams are core to what we do. The ‘always on’ newsroom mentality is felt throughout the agency. We get most excited about the interplay between PR, social media and content creation. It’s how your customers now live.

More about PR & Social

Our skills

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