Putting the fun back into betting.

Once upon a time, having a bet was a bit of fun you had with your mates. It made the game more exciting, and if you were lucky, you ended up with a few extra quid to make the night last a little longer.

Now it’s all partial cash out, exchanges, Acca Edge. Where’s the fun gone? Gambling’s just so serious. The truth is, knowing you’ve got a bet on adds a bit more excitement to your favourite sports and entertainment events.

So we wanted to put the fun back into betting and capture that ‘Betfred feeling’. The moment you get a bet on and the excitement and anticipation this creates. Step forward the campaign line ‘You’ll love a bit of Betfred’.

The first TV campaign ‘Carnival’ featured unsuspecting people going about their day-to-day. This all changes when they place their bet and our uplifting carnival dancers appear – in the supermarket, on the train and in their living rooms. Set to Beyonce’s infectious ‘Crazy in Love’, we had our sonic sting.

The second TV campaign ‘Fingers’ dialed up the fun even more as we took on the heavily CGI’d online gambling world. Directed by Shaun the Sheep’s very own Rich Webber at Aardman Animations, we stood out by letting our fingers do the talking. Our message, simple: ‘Have some fun with your fingers’.

The miniature sets that were built for the shoot featured a host of tiny intricately crafted props, from paintings of hands reclining on a chaise lounge to the spoof movie posters below.

The campaign highlighted a host of innovative new betting experiences and created memorability for our recreational ‘£10 punter’. Following the campaign new customer sign-up increased by 260%.

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