Taste that’s in your face.

Florette is the leading branded bagged salad option in supermarkets – but it faces a constant battle from cheaper own label alternatives. Brand awareness isn’t a problem. But in the sea of green in the grocery aisle, Florette’s marketing needs to work hard to convince people to pay that bit extra for their everyday salad. 

We realised that even the most enthusiastic salad eaters get stuck in a rut from time to time, and need help to create more flavoursome salads. This insight led to our organising idea: ‘It’s all about taste’.

Using this new strategic direction, Florette turbo-charged its product development, launching more adventurous flavours and resealable packaging technology to support its claims on freshness and taste. 

We developed a hard-hitting campaign to announce these new products, running across print, digital and social. The creative was loud and in-your-face, featuring a bold tone of voice and type execution to reflect the bold tastes delivered by the brandOn social media, we moved Florette to an Instagram-first approach, creating the brand’s first influencer strategy aimed at adventurous young foodies. 

The campaign quickly exceeded all media benchmarks, with high impact digital ads helping to deliver bestinclass clickthrough ratesOn social media, campaign activations also exceeded engagement rate benchmarks by twice the industry average. Most importantly, the campaign has further strengthened Florette’s positioning around flavour and taste, providing a powerful platform for growth.   


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