Getting conversions at the Rugby World Cup.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup was the sport’s first £1 billion event. Official sponsors were spending millions promoting their brands to a global audience.

Jacamo needed a bold, highly cost-efficient campaign that would hijack the crowded news agenda. They wanted to disrupt and engage the audience, namely Rugby fans, driving conversations and awareness of the brand. At the campaign’s heart was a creative piece of content, with the potential to engage consumers and drive media interest, creating a talking point for global media.

We worked closely with the Jacamo team to create the Hakarena. Rugby legend Matt Dawson was drafted in to front a Haka-inspired dance taking the best of the 90s dance craze the Macarena. BJL choreographed and scripted the video content.

A carefully targeted media strategy was carried out by Jacamo’s press team with the video being promoted organically through contacts and media outreach. The campaign was further amplified to the Jacamo customer base through email marketing web-site blog features and in-store videos.

The campaign was an unqualified success delivering global coverage and driving brand awareness across all media. It generated more than 2.5 million online views with the #hakarena trending at number one on Twitter. The video generated 948,597 Facebook views and 1,525,000 YouTube views, becoming Jacamo’s most popular ever Facebook post. The post reached more than three million users, was watched 950,000 times and shared by users 20,000 times.

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