Bringing sisterhoods together.

Too much month left at the end of the money? It’s a familiar problem for our Lambrini girls. Their circle of friends or ‘sisterhoods’ are at the heart of their lives. And although they’re constantly swapping news and gossip on Instagram and Facebook, they don’t always get to enjoy proper ‘facetime’.

Our role was to simply help ladies celebrate their time spent together, and encourage them to #BringtheBrini.

The campaign had a multichannel approach; rolling out across TV, social, experiential, digital and PR, to create a ‘trial’ experience at mass scale. With social at its heart, we encouraged our ladies to raise a glass to their friendships and the everyday moments that bring them together. A brand new website and online presence further encouraged people to engage with the campaign.

To support recruitment and help people reconsider the brand, we embarked on a ‘Bring the Brini’ tour – bringing the Brini to 11 locations across across the UK, where we held sampling events within several JOY fashion stores and over 50 Toni & Guy salons. These events not only enabled us to increase our reach, but also gave people the opportunity to sample our fruity flavours with new cocktails.

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