The perfect finish needs the perfect brush.

To create the perfect finish, you need the perfect start. Purdy make paintbrushes unlike any other on the market. They’re designed for life, not to be thrown away.

So forget poor quality brushes that lose their bristles with every stroke. Every Purdy brush is handmade by master craftsmen. They personally sign off every single brush to demonstrate attention to detail, craftsmanship and pride.

To highlight this care for quality, we created a suite of press adverts that were unlike any other in the trade press. Photographer, Bruce Anderson, famous for his extraordinary macro detailed style, was chosen to bring the qualities of each brush to life.

Each ad was then carefully crafted as though they were for a luxury, high-end item, such as an expensive watch or designer handbag. This helped us gain massive standout in the sector and media, where our competitors’ ads weren’t as well crafted, treating a brush as just a brush.

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