Does exactly what it says on the...

What do you do when you have a strapline that’s become part of popular culture? So famous (ranked 3rd in the entire country) that people disassociated it from the brand it belongs to?

Well, we decided to re-claim our line by dropping it.

Eagle-eyed fans of Ronseal products had been complaining on social channels that ‘Most of your products don’t actually come in tins anymore’.

So being a brand famed for our honesty, we created a full and frank public apology from Ronseal’s Marketing Director for not being as truthful as possible. Creating a whole range of new straplines that described ‘exactly’ what type of container each product came in.

This was followed by a week of disruptive social activity: including real-time conversations using our Ronseal Apology hashtag. And when the problems began and people started to express their love for our famous line, we even apologised for our previous apology.

It reached 33 million people in just 7 days, boosted social media channels by 30,000%, and more importantly, re-connected the British public back with Ronseal and its famous strapline.

Now that’s something we won’t apologise for.

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