Bridging the DIY generation gap.

Ronseal is famous for being a straight-talking brand that helps people to get their DIY done in a simple, no-fuss fashion. But what happens when people lack the home repair skills needed to use their products in the first place? According to research from the wood stain brand, DIY skills vary greatly across the generations, with only one in three people aged 23 to 38 stating that they feel confident about doing home repairs or maintenance.

These insights form the basis of our 2019 campaign for Ronseal. The no-nonsense brand attitude is back, but this time Ronseal is providing DIY support as a way of bridging the generation gap.

To do this we recruited a small army of ‘expert mums and dads’ – real-life parents who find they’re often asked to help with their children’s DIY challenges. These parents appear in a number of humourous adverts that gently mock the DIY inadequacies of their otherwise tech-savvy kids.

Alongside the ads, the parents feature in a series of how-to videos where they provide tips on everything from preserving and maintaining wood, to looking after paintbrushes. Some of the parents are drawn from a new partnership between Ronseal and the UK Men’s Sheds Association – a charity that supports the Men’s Sheds movement across the country, which helps to tackle social isolation and bring communities together.

The campaign is running across online video, video-on-demand (VOD), social media and PR. And to boost DIY skills further, the campaign also features the launch of Ronseal’s first ever bot – the ‘Pocket Parent’ on Facebook Messenger – which provides responses and advice, generated from the real-life parents, when prompted with DIY questions.

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