Time to watch paint dry.

Why do some brands paint a sugarcoated picture of DIY? That’s just not Ronseal. Truth is, most people have big home improvement plans. But when the jobs begin, the reality of the time/effort sets in. DIY isn’t fun, and frankly, there’s loads of better things you could be doing.

So on the eve of the biggest Bank Holiday of the year, we decided to be honest about DIY. In the highest profile ad break of the week, we showed nothing but a bloke painting a fence. For over 3 minutes.

Transporting people into that frustrating moment in every DIY job, when you realise, this isn’t going to be over quickly’ and demonstrating how Ronseal One Coat Fence Life ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’.

We began with a high profile teaser campaign, which included 55 TV spots, emails out to 14m Channel 4 subscribers, a All4 takeover and a garden gnome social campaign. We also sent out our teaser invites to brief media and online influencers, all with a view to building anticipation and inviting people to take part in a TV Advertising Premiere during Gogglebox.

At 9:10pm #RonsealAdbreak aired. Intentionally mundane and surprisingly hypnotic, it reached over 35 million on Twitter, trended for 6 hours, and spent 2 hours in the UK number 1 spot. We’d created our very own Gogglebox moment, heralded as the UK’s first ‘Slow TV Advert’.

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