Taking on the big Bank Holiday dilemma.

No one really wants to do DIY. We put it off time and time again as we’d rather do anything but paint that fence. Especially on a Bank Holiday weekend, that’s a time for BBQs, going to the pub or relaxing in front of the telly. And watching comedy shows, films or sport is exactly what a broadcaster, like Channel 4, wants you to do.

Ronseal, however, wants the audience to get off that sofa and get on with their DIY. So how would a Bank Holiday advertising partnership between the two brands work with this inherent difference of opinion? Well instead of avoiding the problem, we embraced it.

#RonsealTheWeekend ran throughout 60 minutes of Gogglebox, across eight TV spots. It told one engaging story of an escalating argument between Ronseal and Channel 4.

The spots showed the iconic Channel 4 blocks visually battling it out with a tub of Ronseal. Developed in collaboration with 4Creative, this is the first time the Channel 4 blocks have interacted with a brand’s product within advertising.

The fallout continued off-air through all social channels, timed to work in tandem with the TV spots. Notably on Twitter as the two brand’s social media teams actively went at it, battling to win over viewers. Ronseal also actively engaged with people commenting on the night, drawing them into the argument through custom replies.

The campaign extends across Channel 4 for a further six weeks, with a series of four ads, each placed through a targeted media buy into the genre of programme they’re taking on: property, comedy, sport and film. Each finishes with Ronseal and Channel 4 jostling for viewers to get out or stay in.

And viewers catching up on TV through All 4 during the summer will be disrupted with a Ronseal ad featuring personalised audio urging them to do their DIY. This is one of the first times in the world this has been done. Hear our special edition one at the bottom of this page.

Building on the success of last year’s #RonsealAdBreak, our Channel 4 partnership once again breaks category conventions.

But it also goes beyond the Channel 4 partnership. We created a truly integrated campaign that was supported across PR, digital, VOD and social advertising. Throughout the summer, Ronseal will be there to take on all the things getting in the way of the DIY, disrupting, reminding and amusing the DIY-dodging great British public – giving them that well-needed nudge to finally get those jobs done.

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