When your car can't. Subaru can.

Remember the days when 4x4s were the province of farmers and off-roaders? Now nearly every mainstream car brand seems to include a token ‘4×4’ option in their range. It’s not a problem, as presumably all 4x4s are really the same, right?


Trouble is, you only realise what makes a proper 4×4, when you’re slipping in the mud, skidding down an icy slope or navigating flooded lanes.

That’s why every Subaru comes with 4×4 as standard. Their unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system gets to grips with all weather conditions. So how do we get this across?

We created a provocative integrated brand campaign, with the simple challenging message of ‘When Your Car Can’t, Subaru Can’. Tactical ads were placed in The Telegraph, The Guardian alongside specialist motoring & lifestyle press. Supported by a national tongue-in-cheek radio campaign, featuring dead-pan comedian and actress Diane Morgan. Listeners were made to feel like they’re eavesdropping in on real emergency rescue phone call conversations.

The campaign drove traffic to a microsite where we gave people the evidence they needed to compare Subaru to other ‘so-called’ 4×4 brands and helped them make informed decisions.